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Why Should You Choose Water Slide Restoration?

Water slides are a popular way to enjoy spending time outside, especially during the hottest months of summer. With the hundreds of people, a large majority being children, that come to seek refuge from the heat at water parks, safety should be the highest priority. Safety codes are in place for a reason, but we can never be too careful when it comes to keeping employees and guests safe. Since there are so many factors that play into wearing down the integrity of structures and compromising the safety, choosing to have the structure of water slides maintained and restored regularly is of the up most importance.

Waterslide restoration from SlideRite is not just great from a safety prospective, it is also great from a financial prospective as well. When these smaller cracks, dents, and loose parts are found early, it can save money in the long run. Small repairs are faster and can often increase the longevity of a slide. Financially it makes a lot more sense to take care of current structures than to have to pay for entirely new equipment.

One of the most obvious factors that slowly effects the quality of a structure are the guests. The weight of hundreds of people pounding up and down the stairs can cause many problems overtime. Boards can bend and screws can loosen. Left unchecked, this could lead to accidents or much bigger and more expensive repairs.

Water Slide Gel Coat Repair
Water Slide Restoration

When you add water into the picture, you are adding more potential danger. Structures need to have the different methods of preventing slips and falls routinely checked and maintained to prevent accidents and lawsuits. The weight and pounding of all that water also takes its toll. The weight of the water adds to the pressure the structure is under, and the water dripping from guests, dripping from pipes, and splashing out of slides can cause parts to slip apart a little more easily. This water is also full of a higher than normal number of chemicals that are designed to prevent the spread of germs and disease. These chemicals, though necessary, can cause build up in pipes and break down of different important parts. Small scratches and chips that have occurred overtime allow chemicals to more quickly spread damage. It is important to make sure that these factors have not caused any structurally important damage.

The sun and other environmental factors come into play as well. Even when the water park is not being used, these factors are still causing harm. Sunshine, even in the winter, can help contribute to breakdown of the equipment. Wind, storms, lightening, and rain happen year around. After these events, it is important to check and make sure no damage has been done for the safety of the guests and also your wallet.

When you put all the factors together, from the weight and pressure the structure is under to the chemical and environmental elements, it is easy to see how chips and cracks can quickly go from unimportant and unassuming to potential safety hazards.